About us

CIT is one of the pioneer institutions, through the competitive standards of its trainers and the diversity of the programs presented to the trainees.

In addition to the following characteristics:

- The institute is interacting with the experiences of the international specialized studying and teaching centers as University of Cambridge and the other international corporations.

- It is providing the latest modern technical equipment, considering saving the best learning and training atmosphere for the trainees.

- The diversity of the trainers specializations and experiences and their highly distinguished standards.

- Suitable capacity for ( In service training ) to the government and private sector trainees, aiming to raise their professions and competence.

- Presenting the shortest span in all training and teaching spheres, so as to minimize the needed efforts and to suit all trainees› financial status.

- Available free donations at English and computer courses for the excellent all students standards. As motivation for more Excellency.

- More incentives will be allocated for the best successful trainees, in all teaching and training activities in the institute.